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The positive credit bureau is very important: if the loan seeker has a debited credit bureau, the loan may be rejected. Each bank asked credit bureau before granting a loan. It shows the customer’s payment behavior. See for a summary

If the credit bureau is debited, there were payment problems in the past, which often makes it no longer possible to grant credit. In addition to the income and the permanent job, the customer must be of legal age. The monthly loan installment must be able to be paid from free income. If the customer can meet these requirements, a car loan with 1500 net will not be a problem.

However, the amount of income could mean restrictions on the amount of the loan.

Find cheap car loan with 1500 net

Find cheap car loan with 1500 net

If you are looking for your dream car, you should first look for a cheap provider on the Internet. Experience has shown that these lenders present the better offers. Nevertheless, the house bank can also be a loan partner. Especially when the customer has worked well with the bank for many years.

A credit comparison is recommended, which lists all providers at a glance. The expensive offers can then be sorted out immediately. Generally, a car loan with 1500 net can be financed through a classic installment loan. But often a car loan is much cheaper. The reason for this can be seen in the fact that the car letter remains with the bank as security for a car loan. The car then belongs to the bank until the loan is paid.

This means a restriction if the vehicle is to be sold in the event of a financial bottleneck. Likewise, a special car loan only needs to be used to buy a car. With a classic installment loan, however, the customer can act as a cash payer at the retailer and receive discounts.

Different ways of funding

Different ways of funding

The classic installment loan and the special car loan are available to consumers as financing options. In addition, there is still the car loan with 1500 net from the dealer as a simple installment loan or as a three-way financing.

Balloon financing, as the three-way financing is also called, is characterized by the fact that very low installments occur during the loan term. In the end, however, the final installment is due.

This type of financing is often used by customers whose budget is not too large. The final installment can then be paid in cash or further financed. The advantage of an installment loan is that the car belongs to the customer at the end of the term. This enables the borrower to continue driving the car or to use the remaining value of the car as a down payment for a new vehicle.

The loan is paid in equal monthly installments. Those who opt for a corresponding term can also receive low rates. The advantage of an installment loan is also that the loan amount can be used freely.

Car loan with 1500 net – score as a cash payer

Car loan with 1500 net - score as a cash payer

The installment loan has another advantage. The customer can thus act as a cash payer at the dealer. Many car dealers reward this with discounts and discounts. The discount can be significantly higher than the additional costs for interest on an expensive loan.

Many traders also score with the so-called 0% financing. Experience has shown, however, that these are often only bargains at first glance. Because many car banks have already raised their prices beforehand. There is no longer a discount.

Credit comparison as a starting point for a loan

Important for the customer, only those who compare can save money. Even when financing a small car, it is possible to get decent price differences. Saving in the three-digit range is not uncommon. The effective annual interest rate is important when comparing credit.

Because only that shows not only the interest rate but all costs and fees of a loan. The interest rate is given in percent. However, it is important to know that the specified interest rate is not relevant for all customers. The interest rate is often calculated depending on creditworthiness. It is also important that attention is paid to special repayments free of charge. Also prepayment penalties for early repayment of the loan should not be calculated.

If you finance through the dealer, you often do not pay any interest if it is a 0% financing. But he does not receive a discount, which ultimately no longer pays off. The earmarked car loan is cheap with almost all providers. A comparison is always worthwhile.

Does it have to be residual debt insurance?

Does it have to be residual debt insurance?

Many banks offer their customers a residual debt insurance on a car loan with 1,500 net. The customer is suggested that he has completely secured his credit against any event. But if you value a cheap loan, you should think twice before taking out residual debt insurance. Because this insurance drives the cost of credit very high.

You can often count on a four-digit amount, which is then added to the loan amount. But if you have life insurance or disability insurance, you are adequately covered.



Anyone looking for a car loan with 1500 net should know that the minimum income is a little over 1000 USD. If you do not achieve this, you could increase your credit chances with a surety. Nevertheless, it must be guaranteed that a loan installment can be paid. Of course, a positive credit bureau also belongs.

A permanent position, which is not limited, must also be proven.


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