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Do you need a quick loan to buy a computer, a second-hand car, or to incur dental expenses? Credit Line of Best bank is a very quick solution to obtain that allows you to have $ 2,000 that you can use at any time.

The speed in lending is a peculiarity that many financial agencies have. Today, especially with online loans, being fast means making a difference. Hence Best bank offers rechargeable loans, a fast and light loan, ideal for various needs.

Best bank rechargeable loans, the features

Best bank rechargeable loans, the features

As said at the beginning, Best bank rechargeable loans allow you to always have a sum of $ 2,000 available for every need.

Let’s take an example to better understand how this particular loan works.

Let’s assume that he wants to buy an Apple laptop, a Mac Book Pro worth $ 1,000 and that I want to use the Best bank Credit Line to do this. I just have to call 800.95.55.56 and ask Best bank to transfer the amount I need to my bank account. Within a few days I will have credited the amount I need and I can finally buy the computer. From the following month I will begin to repay the loan by paying installments of $ 60 per month until the total repayment of the debt.

Let’s assume now that after a few days I also want to buy an iPhone worth $ 800. Since I still have $ 1,000 available ($ 2,000 basic credit minus $ 1,000 used for the laptop), I call the toll-free number 800.95.55.56 again and ask to transfer these new $ 800 to the current account in order to buy the phone.

It is true that now the debt has gone up, but the monthly installment does not change because I will continue to pay $ 60 per month, only that it will take me longer to repay the whole loan.

The monthly payment does not change

The monthly payment does not change

Best bank has decided that the monthly installment to be repaid for rechargeable loans will always be only $ 60 per month.

At the customer’s choice, it is possible to decide, instead, to increase the installment to take less time to repay and pay less interest.

As we proceed with the repayment of the installments, the capital available is recharged and it will be possible to make other purchases again.

Rechargeable loan Best bank, conditions

Rechargeable loan Best bank, conditions

As we read on the official website of the financial agency, here are the main features of this personal financing :

  • Fixed TAN 16.90%;
  • APR 22.69%

Additional costs

  • Investigation costs $ 0;
  • installment collection costs $ 0;
  • stamp duty on the contract $ 0;
  • expenses for sending the periodic report $ 0.60 for each of them;
  • stamp duty on the periodic statement $ 2 in the case of amounts greater than $ 77.47 depending on the number of items


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